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About Us

Vencer is a privately-owned corporation based in Calgary, Alberta, serving clients across Western Canada, the US, the UK, Thailand, Singapore, and Turkey. Our ability to continuously support our clientele and exceed expectations is driven by our wealth of experience and knowledge, coupled with industry leading partnerships.

For over 15 years Vencer has been providing IT support to a client base operating in local industries such as Energy, Real Estate, Cannabis Cultivation and Retail, Property Management, Consulting, Service Industries, and more.  

Vencer has experience assisting clients through reorganization, acquisition, divestiture, relocation, consolidation, and can provide full turnkey support for Critical Infrastructure and Information Technologies. As a result, Vencer is uniquely positioned to overcome technical hurtles and formulate actionable plans for IT services for facilities, servers, business applications, desktop environments, field support, and more.

At its core, Vencer is an organization that takes pride in being an exceptional service company with a highly skilled technical unit and a team-focused culture. Today Vencer is best situated working with IT executives and upper management – building out and executing plans for business expansion and continuously working on adding value in core business areas.


Our Approach

Vencer provides “Relevant Business Solutions” to clients who need every minute and dollar available to drive their business forward. Vencer provides these solutions by utilizing decades of professional experience, up-to-date industry expertise and a comprehensive understanding of individual business requirements. Vencer also ensures that a thorough understanding of the driving forces behind the technology supporting business requirements is developed and maintained to ensure solutions maintain relevancy and effectiveness in changing business environments.

Vencer transcends the typical role of a managed IT service provider; we are collaborators in your progress. Elevate your infrastructure with scalability and agility, boost efficiency, and protect your enterprise from potential threats. Benefit from our extensive network of dedicated professionals, technicians, and project managers at Vencer, and witness the transformative impact of our IT solutions.

Our Mission

Born from decades of experience in mergers, divestitures, acquisitions, and technology management, we have encoded in our DNA the birth of new companies, the unification of technological culture, and transformational corporate evolution. We have an unwavering focus on creating relevant solutions that leverage our people’s collective wisdom and promote digital agility through real connections and authentic communication.

Our Values

Character, Integrity and Ethics

We believe in aligning our beliefs and intentions with our words and actions, and that character of a person is represented in the work we do and how we interact with every single person. We will be fearless in how we accomplish this.

Being Human

We can’t build relevant solutions or support human potential if we don’t view things through the lens of being humans ourselves. The mortar of family, health, fun, positive connections, respect and honesty will always bind us to the cornerstones of any success worth having. 

Be mindful of the destination

We don’t build roads that lead to nowhere. We are the creators of right-sized solutions that are innovative but sensible to see past the noise and leverage our client’s actual needs and real market conditions to answer the problem the technology is designed to solve.


Our team at Vencer is driven by a genuine passion for technology, which is reflected in the superior level of service we provide. Our culture team-oriented, fostering a fast-paced environment where dedication to client success is paramount. This is the cornerstone of our competitive advantage – maintaining speed, efficiency, and real relationships with all our partners.

We’re on an exciting growth trajectory, prioritizing customer service and continuous innovation in hardware and technologies. If you want to work in an stimulating work environment and are a person that thrives on innovation, customer satisfaction and building relationships, Vencer encourages you to apply for one of our available positions!

We obsess over culture – we are always looking for enthusiastic professionals who are ready for new challenges and growth in their careers; who are passionate and committed to our vision.

Job Postings

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